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Monday, January 25, 2010

The Vikings road to the Superbowl comes to an end...

You know I am really not a football fan...(diehard hockey mom...yes) but with all the hullabaloo going on this year with the Vikings signing Brett Farve, I could not help but jump on the fanwagon. I have to admit it was pretty exciting to see them advance as far as they did, it was difficult though with all the questions I had for my husband and son everytime I watched a game..."whats a punt?" "quarterback sack??", "1st down?", well needless to say I eventually learned alot, cant say I will retain it until next season. Thanks Vikings for a great season...There is always next year. Now the big question, what do we do now on Sunday afternoons???? I say shop, my hubby says "Ice fishing of course!"

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